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So how does all of this work?

Basically, we used a flipped classroom model. Meaning all or most of your instruction will be learned online through instructional videos. The biggest resource in your train is time on the mats and we want to make sure we use that to its maximum. So with that in mind, you will watch the videos in this series at your own pace and then come in the gym and attempt them while coaches watch to make sure you are doing it right.

It seems like the techniques are all over the place?

You are kind of right. Essentially you are learning one pass, one sweep and one submission from every position in each base level. A base level would be the x.1 levels… so for example 1.1, 2.1 and 3.1 are considered base levels. This is where you will learn new skills. The other levels are designed to help fill in gaps of things that you are learning on the base level. We did it this way because of the idea of interference. Basically, if you learn two similar techniques when you start it’s tough to differentiate between the two at times so you end up doing them both incorrect. The second reason is so when you start grappling live and you get into that position you will have one go to technique from each position. This is huge in the beginning because often you are shown 3-4 techniques from one spot and so you get confused on which one to do.

This system is extremely complex in its design but super easy to follow. Simple work through the base level then start to look at the additional material before moving on to the next base level. Not watching these videos before moving on will hurt your progress and leave you with holes in your game you will have to fix later.

Please also do the quizzes as they will help with the naming of the techniques and this is one of the biggest parts of learning the moves.

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